Since 1991 in used pulp and paper machinery

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At MUPAP INTERNACIONAL we are experts in used pulp and paper machinery We buy and sell used machinery from complete manufacturing lines and mills, to stock preparation items or spares. We can manage the coordination during the different phases of the process (dismantling, loading and shipping) and, if necessary we can advise our clients.

Since 1991 until today, we are one of the most consolidated companies in the pulp and paper industry. Our team consists of professionals that have been working and managing pulp and paper factories & businesses and, together, have more than 60 years of experience..

We have more than 100 clients’ references and more than 700 items in stock worldwide. We have a global contact network that trust us and our information is verified and truthful. We are also founding members of PIDA (Paper Industry Dealers Association).

Our objective is to be your trust based partner to find the machinery that you might require.




We celebrate our 30 years and continue growing and progressing



Mupap Internacional acquires a warehouse of 6000 m2, with the objective of being a warehouse of the Pulp & Paper manufacturers



Mupap Internacional continues growing and expands its presence in Europe being the main European pulp & paper manufacturers´ divesting project partner



PINUE Group is founded, with the objective of offering pulp and paper companies global “win/win” divesting projects



Nicolás Iragorri, Industrial Engineer, starts to work in Mupap Internacional



Mupap Internacional S.L. co-founds Muga Industrial Recycling GmbH (Switzerland). Starts divesting, and demolitioning the complete pulp mill of Attisholz Infra AG (Ex Borregaard). This project will last 3 years



Mupap Internacional S.L. co-founds PIDA (Paper Industry Dealers Association)



Mupap Internacional S.L. starts its diversification and expands divesting complete pulp and paper mills



Ignacio Múgica, Industrial Engineer, starts working in the company founded by his father



José Múgica, Chemical Engineer and pulp and paper expert, founds Mupap Internacional S.L., after 33 years of experience in the paper manufacturing business

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